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Shannon Wilson

I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade ART and 7th/8th Yearbook class.  I have been a teacher for 24 years. I taught 20 years in the Dallas area and decided to move back home (Refugio) to be closer to my family.   I am a mom to 10 blue heelers, and a wife to an amazing auctioneer.  On my free time, I love to run and exercise, play with my dogs, and I am also a photographer.  
Contact Info.
Shannon Wilson
361-790-2230  ext. 3401
1st period  8:25-9:15
2nd period  9:19- 10:09
3rd period  10:13-11:06
Con./ Planning Period
LUNCH      11:06-11:36
4th period  11:40-12:30
5th period  12:33-1:23
6th period  1:27-2:17
7th period  2:21-3:11
8th period   3:15-4:05