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My name is Tanya Waddell. I am a wife, Christian and mother of 5. I am a neonatal ICU nurse and a pediatric nurse and have been for 30 years. I have been in the education field for 10 years as of this year. I have taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, 8th grade forensics, and Project Lead The Way CTE courses in Automation and Robotics, Design and Modeling, Science of Technology and Medical Detectives. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Science, a Master of Education Administration and a Principalship. I am currently teaching Career and Technology and Tech Apps. .
I grew up in a small village/lake outside of Lubbock, Texas called Ransom Canyon. I have done many things over my lifetime such as waterski instructor, waitress, hairdresser, and  racehorse groom among other things but none of my previous careers have been as great as teaching. I moved to Rockport over 3 years ago because I had vacationed here over many summers and loved the people and atmosphere and my husband and I had decided to move to the coast as soon as our last child moved out of the house. The last one moved out and then, so did we. Rockport is now my forever home. 
The things I love the most besides my family and my kids are animals and anything outdoorsy. And also I am a Texas Tech Red Raider fan. Wreckem Tech!
A Lunch Schedule
1ST - 0825-0915
2ND - 0919-1009
3RD - 1013-1106
A Lunch- 1106-1136
4TH- 1140-1230
5th -1233-1323
6th -1327-1417
7th - 1421-1511
8th - 1515-1605
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Tanya Waddell
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